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Race Evaluation

Harry Moss Parl: Red


1. +05:00There was some start triangle confusion at the start because WYO and BGR had different triangle locations. And there was a taped triangle at the former, and I was told that that's where the start punch was (it wasn't), so I wasted a good bit of time standing at the wrong triangle trying to make sense of my map, and then having to go twice as far to the first control. I was already swearing before I slogged through the much on this one.
2. Handrailed along the edge of the marsh, trying to lose the crowd that had formed at the first control.
3. Still a crowd (I think it grew), so I plowed into the green just past the grill and benches and handrailed along the stream, which made me oblivious to the minor misplacement.
4. Hit the last one first, so straight through the green fast here to keep them away.
5. +00:20Crowd gone, but I had meandered along the edge of the tennis courts rather than just flying to the end of them. Hit the stream a little right of the control, but it was just around the bend.
6. +00:20Ran through the open straight to the woody clump and caught sight of the control...but it was actually a red plastic bag, fooling me. It was clear on the wrong side of the clump! So I hacked through straight to the control, probably should have hopped out to the open again.
7. More crowd here, but I flew down the trail and into the green to the stump.
8. Open field, dug in.
9. Continuted to dig. Control locations here were clear, but it helped that people were leaving.
10. +00:30Going so fast on the last two that I neglected to see that this one was on the *other* side of the stream. So instead of the southern route across the footbridge, I sloshed through the stream on the north side under the road bridge, where it was fairly shallow, but only after standing on the other side staring at the bag for a few seconds, wondering how to get across.
11. The beginning of the "all green, all the time" section. This is where the profanity really set in. ;-) Just handrailed along the stream for this one, as quick as was possible.
12. +05:30This was a bit of a mess. Too many smaller, unmapped ditches to really make sense of it. Attacked twice from the corner of the stream, on line with number 11, and I think I missed clear left the first time, which is why I never just "bumped into" the C-shaped ditch. Eventually I did identify the correct ditch, and stood 5m from the control without seeing it, wondering how I could have screwed it up again.
13. Aimed left, turned right at the main ditch. Some guy hit the ditch just ahead and turned left and I *almost* followed him...good thing I didn't. I didn't see him again after that.
14. My plan was to aim left and then go right at the major ditch, unless I saw the mysterious "X" object, which would mean that I was too far right. Saw the mysterious "X" object (a gas thing) and attacked from it.
15. +00:20Plan was to run the ditch to the x intersection and attack from there. There were at least two unmapped ditches that crossed the main one, though, so I ended up with three consecutive attackpoints..
16. Busted through the green as directly as possible, then in the field to the edge of the water. The circle wasn't far enough along the stream, only found it quickly because the description was "bottom".
17. Cut through the green fairly directly up the ride.
18. Plan here was to turn right at the road, before I realized that there was no road, just a vegetation boundary. Made the realization just short of the boundary and crossed directly to the control (across a basketball court with a pickup game...). Went in to "sprint mode" around here.
19. Ran around the the right of the out of bounds area. I'm pretty sure right was faster.
20. Hesitated here going behind the big building because of the fencing - though I'd missed an OOB section or something.
21. I'd seen this one before, as it was by the "other" triangle. Just a run, really.
22. The last few controls were just fast running on open and pathways. No nav problems.
F. Started gunning for the end and passed a boy on his way in. He started really sprinting close to the finish chute, so I kicked it up a notch to make sure to beat him in. Just barely...

Total Time Lost - 00:12:00

Split Analysis

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