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Race Evaluation

QOC Riverbend: Red


1. Start Triangle was off. Showed the start on the other side of the pavilion. Started off up the side of the reentrant but really wasn't paying attention. Just out for a nice run. I knew Jon Torrance's time and if I was to have any hope of beating it I would have to really run hard.
2. I took the right most trail but think the left road would have been faster. Oh well.
4. +00:10There is always a control in these reentrants and I never know which one it will be. I started down the wrong one and lost a little time.
5. Swung over by control 12 on the way.
9. +00:45Control was supposedly on a reentrant but there wasn't a reentrant on the map. I figured it would be easily visible. Unfortunately it was tied behind a down tree next to a large tree. Basically, the control was hidded from several directions. Ray and I hit the area together and just stopped. It was no where to be seen. Ray wandered off right I wandered off left. I looked back and saw someone holding a punch. Hmmm A punch. I still couldn't see the control but walked over to check it out. I called Ray over before he lost any more time on this.
10. Dangerous control in wet conditions.
11. +00:20Dropped down and then cut back up. I thought it was on the top of the big cliff and not the rock. I lost some time cutting back to the rock.
12. I took the low route again. Rather than go all the way around the hill and follow the reentrant, I cut up the spur.
13. Didn't feel like orienteering so just winged it. Got lucky and ended up on the correct side of the fence. Someone else approached on the wrong side and couldn't get to it.
14. Took the road to trail
15. +00:15Drifted off to the left but wasn't sure. I corrected to the correct reentrant but without much surity. Control was hidden so I lost some time being confused again.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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