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Race Evaluation

Harry Moss Parl: Red


1. I was passed by Matthias (who had been delayed at map draw table and therefore started close behind me) as I neared control. Made it easy as I saw him punch.
2. Easy control. I took the direct route thru the green. Matthias went the long way, back out to the open and in again. Since there is no way I can run with him, I'm pleased that my choice got me there just as quick as him.
3. +00:15Crowd near but north of control. Again I see someone punch as I'm nearing control.
4. +00:15Slowed down by the undergrowth.
5. Bad route choice
Took the long way around by the bikepath to avoid green. Control was hidden behind tree when searching AT clue (top of embankment). Passed within 3m several times but I only saw it when other runners arriving from the N (forest) side came and punched it.
6. Easy. Point was in middle of grove and not on a distinct feature but was visible from distance at angle I approached from. Again saw another runner punching on way in. Stacy, Logan pass me up.
7. Underrated difficulty
Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
Lacked concentration
Stupid mistake by me. I was looking at map and planning ahead to points 9,10, etc. as I jogged down paved path. When I looked up I thought I saw the underpass ahead so I turned to right and went to stream bend. No control anywhere! maybe hidden like 5? Finally realized I was on wrong bend. I had mistaken place where bikepath goes into shadow of elevated road for the underpass 100m farther south.
8. Easy. Straight shot across field.
9. Same as 9. No skill needed, just speed.
10. Important to realize that control is on south side of stream. Cross bridge and follow dry drainage W, then N under the viaduct. In dry weather the ground beneath the viaducts is open firm dirt and best route vs. the white or green to either side. If it's wet it's a sticky quagmire to be avoided. Today it's bone dry.
11. +00:20Slowed down by trying to find routes between the thickest brush.
12. Underrated difficulty
Lacked confidence
Nasty dark green. Felt lucky to have stayed on course and found control just as I was ready to go back and reorient. I've caught up to Logan and Stacy. They see (hear?) me punch.
13. +00:20Stacy and Logan get a bit ahead as I'm being careful to keep my bearing and my footing after doing a classic faceplant over one of the many fallen limbs in the underbrush.
14. I follow the debris-filled drainage NW and catch them halfway to 14 where several drainages converge and they slow up to check it out. Going parallel to and west of the slough I see the large fuel tank (X on the map) and speed up west to the control.
15. +00:25The long water feature on the map (more a slough than a stream) is dry and makes a perfect route west. The cross -drainages are not distinct so I turn south when it looks like the green has turned to white in that direction. I come into the area of small knolls and rock clusters and find a crowd of discouraged runners milling about and grumbling. I work W, checking the knolls along the edge of the ridge. Crowd, sensing that I have a plan, follows. As I find the control and turn to go N, most of the crowd is not far behind.
16. I go NW to exit the woods as directly as possible, then run in the field parallel to the ditch, taking the easiest terrain. Some of the crowd has passed me or is coming out of the woods at various points along the ditch. Lots of folks at control makes it easy to locate.
17. Did not like map
Easy control, but the map is not up to date along the route. A new school is under construction where a fenced-in apartment complex had stood. Part of the open park land (yellow) is now being converted to paved parking but the map shows a featureless OOB area inside a fence that no longer exists! Lots of runners are finding the obvious route to the old railway bed but I pause and look fruitlessly for a shortcut. Rejoin the herd.
18. Again running and chatting with Logan, we cross under the overpass. I turn east and scramble uphill where I see a worn track right next to the bridge since I don't know if I will find a better place to cross the band of dark green farther along where the RR cut is not as steep. Easy from here. I think this gains me time over Logan and others who stayed on the RR bed and couldn't find the more hidden path through the green farther to the N.
19. I go around the E side of the OOB apartment complex. Easy. Runner's leg. From here out it's all about running. The routes are obvious and 90% thru open parkland.
20. Easy.
21. Easy. But I know I'll lose time because of footspeed. Surprised to see runners who had passed me, coming back to me as I near control. The clue is right but the map seems to show the control on a different feature about 20m away by the parking lot. Still they had to run right by it.
22. +00:20Easy. But it feels strange to run right past the finish area at this point in the race. Slow down to avoid spooking horses. I wonder why riders don't move over by the stables instead of practicing dressage right next to our finish area.
23. Easy. Keep chugging.
F. Can't believe Sgt. Sanchez came out of nowhere to blow by me with 15m to go!

Total Time Lost - 00:10:15

Split Analysis

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