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Race Evaluation

QOC Riverbend: Red


1. +02:00Got there late so little preparation before starting. Went straight line on a rough bearing figuring the field would lead me in. Never saw the field so had to look around a bit. Came in from the S using the distant road and building to tell where I was.
2. Straight to road, then cut over to trails by the building. Went by #14 on the way.
3. SW to trail, then NW thru saddle and up reentrant.
4. Straight
5. Straight to road. Field looked thorny so east to get to open woods. Headed toward building, but it looked private so I veered right to pass W of it. Came in from the trail jct N of the control. Distracted by other control nearby.
6. Straight to the trail jct near the stream. Noting the location of 12 along the way. Trail around then up the reentreant.
7. +00:30Short leg so ran hard hoping for a good split. Could not find the bag when I got there. It was hidden behind whatever it was hung on.
8. +00:40Down to trail by the stream. Followed trail until it started uphill, then the stream. Up the hill to the control but had some trouble finding it. I was looking for a cliff not the fence it was on.
9. Trail to bend then dogleg in.
10. +03:00And out again. Cut off of trail hoping to hit #10 on the way down. Did not see it and had to run along he bottom looking for the right rocks and climb back up.
11. Down then up.
12. Down the hill again. Trail along the river to the end of the clearning then up the reentrant.
13. Straight, then used the nearby building to locate the control.
14. Did not see a good way across the field to followed the path of the earlier runners. From the parking lot, took the same trail to 14 that I had used earlier while running by it on the way to #2.
15. Straight.
16. Angle to trail, down and along the bottom of the hill. Climb back up when I could see the ruin.
F. Straight thru the light green. Not a very fast run.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:10

Split Analysis

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