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Race Evaluation

Possum Trot IX:


1. NOTE: My "time lost" refers to bobbles within the control circle, obviously more time can be lost during the rest of leg. Everyone running pretty much together - I was in the 2nd wave, inferred split from Eric and Spike.
3. +00:30Lost a little time getting confused with the clearing, JP helped me though (hard to avoid this early in a race)
4. Punched just before David.
5. +00:15Spike got ahead of me here, inferred split from his.
7. David and I nailed this one at the same time.
9. David and I ran in together along the stream, out down the spur where he pushed ahead of me.
10. +00:30Inferred from water stop split. Went to the wrong reentrant with the rest of the pack.
11. +00:40Took the long trail route to this one. Hesitated a bit going in along the spur. On the way out, saw JP coming back to the east - he took the trail and overran.
12. +00:20Came a little high and had to run back NE a few meters.
14. Ran up the reentrant with JP and we caught Eric and David running through the saddle.
15. Lost JP, found Tex on the approach.
16. Lost Tex, found JP. Spotted the pit just before him.
17. JP pushed ahead a little, but overshot towards Eric and David. I spotted the narrow reentrant, turned left and followed it in.
18. Skipped this one.
19. Punched just before Spike
20. Punched just after Spike
21. +01:10Spike overran - I gained at least 45s by staying low and spotting the control (ruin) - but not after wasting some time of my own.
23. Took the safe trail route.
24. Starting to lose fuel. Why wasn't I carrying a gel? Or, why didn't I eat that extra piece of toast at breakfast? :)
25. I was really losing it on this leg. JP passed me as I struggled along. I noticed my mind start to slow down as well, which was the most frustrating thing.
26. Nice paved trail run, but Spike overtook me at the control and then sprinted out (good instinct!) I was in no shape to take the challenge, unfortunately. Maybe next time.
F. A bit disappointed that I didn't quite have enough to make it - I might have been able to hang onto 5th place. I think I'll be more careful about bringing a little something with me.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:25

Split Analysis

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