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Race Evaluation

Greenbelt Training: B2


1. +00:30Started with Ted Good who was doing B1. Came off the trail/road intersection. Was a bit high and then uncertain at first about the location since we did not streamer or hang controls.
2. +00:45Caught Peggy and Ted as they were reading in an area of downfall. I proceeded and relocated finding myself left of the control. Ted was further left. I cut back and found the double ditches at the end of them.
3. Ran over the crappy downfall and got to some gullies. At first I thought I'd gotten to the control location but after going on, I realized it was where I went next. Saw Michael just as we both got there.
4. Up the hill, struggling to pass Michael. Trail to the road then in off just past the corner. It was nice to finally have some woods one could run in going down. I hopped over one reentrant and went down to the edge of the green. The location was much easier to be definate about.
5. Fairly straight. I was surprised to be a bit right when crossing the campground at the curve of the road loop but used this to cross the reentrant and come up the next ridge from low to the pits.
6. +00:45Over to the lower Blueberry Trail then fast to the ditch past the last trail intersection. Following the ditch up to the end I searched for the next one and wasn't sure I'd found it. Ted and Dave came in from above thus drawing me there. They came to where I was then took off for #7. I went back to the shallow ditch.
7. +01:15I chased Dave who was behind Ted. My control was higher but I got drawn down a bit. I went up leaving them to have a look at the road and make sure I was in the right area. A bit more searching and I found the pit in the green--Though there are two pits, I think the green had expanded and now covers both.
8. Through the thorns to the campground road then down the trail. I moved fast to just past the junction with the Perimeter Trail, then straight up to the ruin attacking from there.
9. +00:20Back, nearly past the ruin to just above the stream junction then up. I got a bit left but corrected somewhat slowly to the shallow reentrant near the top.
10. Down to the trail a bit left of the line. Up the trail to the side gully bridge and in across the stream gully.
F. +00:15Across the stream again and up the trail past the houses on the right. I hugged the property line too close and had to correct left at the end to get to the middle of the ditch.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:50

Split Analysis

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