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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Norwottuck: Green


1. decent. should've popped out onto the road immediately (a la BP)
2. +02:00bad bearing, misinterpreted scale, wrong re-entrant.
3. ran right over the trail i wanted, caught by the electrical easement. pretty direct from there
4. +06:00woof. flipped the topo in my head, and thought i was looking for a choke in a gulley, not on a ridge. took maybe 5 minutes of searching to realize that, and 1 to recover.
5. possibly my first 1k+ leg. feel like i nailed it. got a little disconnected in the middle, but knew there were catching features galore, so i pushed on. checked off a few features on the way, to boot.
6. killed it. took a bearing, corrected at the first stream crossing. control was easily visible from the other side of the second streambed for rapid collection
7. +18:00woof. the good were great, the bad were miserable. shot a horrible bearing, realized i was off, searched and corrected, came real close, then got highly confused - perhaps by an unmapped beaver dam. found a trail, followed it until it became distinct, then reattacked. missed, but caught by a marsh and zeroed in.
8. +02:00bad bearing, turned north to study a trail feature, relocated, reattacked.
9. +15:30started out great, but went to pot at the control. the control was a bit off. and while not conducive to a competitive time, it was a great exercise in understanding the map - it was a while before i was willing to conclude it was the control, and not me. finally got it when someone else saw it.
10. took the safe route. really feeling the higher mileage on the day and was chugging along slowly. astonished to have the third best time. the downhill second half helped.
11. emptied the tank to beat BP. thought i made a bad choice to go off-trail, but he followed. made perhaps the best navigational choice i've made yet to go up trail, find the re-entrant, and go straight up that.
F. stumbled along in recovery mode while BP shot off.

Total Time Lost - 00:43:30

Split Analysis

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