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Race Evaluation

HVO Tenafly: Red


1. +00:20I run straight through some medium green, want to see if it is runnable. Is ok, but not fast. Cross the stream on small trail, going straight would be faster.
2. +01:30Straight through a small marsh and up, but don't see the stony ground, run uphill, turn around, see the control low behind a boulder, a small example of the species, more like a pebble just high enough to cover up the control.
3. Straight along hill.
4. A swamp/green mess in front of me. Avoid swamp, find hill behind it, cross over before next swamp comes up. That sums up the problems to come: How to deal with swamps & green or both on top of each other. Lots of speculation.
5. Straight, bounce of a fence to the right.
6. Straight through more green, pick the cliffs on the way over, drift somewhat but see the control over on the hill.
7. +01:00Want to go straight, but hit a trail too early, probably driftet east somewhat. Run trail, intersection of small trail is gone, I realize that the distance is not right and turn back in to control somewhat too late. I least I figured that I was in the control area and stopped myself from serious overrunning.
8. Nice and clean cross over trail and reentrant to knoll.
9. +00:40S & G. Want to cut through opening in swamp, can't see it. So I go along a ridge between two swamps. Good running, but some time loss because I bounced off the swamp first.
10. Go out to trail, is almost invisible, but I can use 9W which is about 100 m over as a handrail. Cross two streams, find the trail, attack somewhat late because vegetation and also because I wanted to make sure, I know exactly where I go off.
11. +03:00More S&G. Follow a ridge, cross over in what looks like an open spot, yet get stuck in water, rocky stuff and green jungle. Come out and lost contact, can't read the hills. It looks like a faint trail, I go along, attack wrong swamp, parallel error. Out to road and back it.
12. +00:56Cross through green and swamp, see other control first. Area is much greener than mapped.
13. Out to road and across.
14. Trillions of thorny plants, an old house and its garden. Have to go around some.
15. See trail, go out, yet it is not there first, finally pick up good trail & speed. The map definitely needs an update.
16. Open woods, good running, moving.
17. Straight and go and run.
F. Around some green, done for today. Not exaclty a brilliant race, but ok, still somewhat in hibernation mood. Something to think about and find better ways to navigate in an almost flat, swampy and very green area. I didn't adjust well to the situation, obviously hindered by the fact that I don't like the map very much. So I didn't make the effort to think up a strategy how to deal with the obstacles and the confusion which is created by going around obstacles and slaloming through green.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:26

Split Analysis

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