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Race Evaluation

Anza-Borrego Desert O-Fest, Day 1: green


1. Straight on line to trail, then along trail to just past cliff just W of control
2. A little left of line to save climb
3. Out to trail, along trail for a bit, then up and over spur, and up slot from the south
4. +24:00Along trail to past cliffs, up the slot, and got confused about which spur I was on. Spent over 20 minutes wandering around to the N and W. Pretty frustrating. Climbed up on top of the ridge twice to look around, but couldn't relocate
5. +05:00Saw Mark Parsons coming down from the ridge into 4 as I went up. Along the ridge, looking for drainages to the left, but got off too soon in a smaller drainage and hunted for a while, before realizing and heading south along the side slope
6. +10:00Up to the ridge again, and along to go down a spur, but it was earlier than I thought, and I made a parallel error on a large earthbank, ending up searching one gully system to the north
7. +08:00Ran on compass to the spur, and thought I was in the right place, but didn't see it. I must have been slightly high. Got sucked up the hill by other runners, who were apparently headed for #8. Corrected and went back, found the control, but it sure didn't look as I expected it would.
8. +01:30Picked out a knoll and headed for it, but I was one off to the N. Should have realized by the car on the road up above. Anyway, once I got there I could see the knoll below the one with the control, and relocated easily from there
9. Pretty straight. Could see the control from the trail. Couldn't keep it in sight, but one peek was enough to keep me in the right direction.
10. On compass, and keeping the finish banner in sight.

Total Time Lost - 00:48:30

Split Analysis

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