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Race Evaluation

Anza-Borrego Desert O-Fest, Day 2: Green


1. +06:00Probably going a little too quickly. I wasn't expecting it to be as complex as it turned out to be at the end. I think I was just right of the control, but didn't see it and kept going for a bit, then turned right and back, eventually finding a blue control on a knoll, relocating and heading downhill. As I saw the knolls coming up I knew it was the right spot.
2. +05:00Took a quick bearing, but must not have let it settle, as I was well off to the right. Picked out a hill and headed for it. Turns out it was too high and too right, leaving me about 300 M away. When I looked back I could see the flag.
3. Straight. Easy
4. I was a little intimidated by this one, because it looked pretty subtle. Got up on the ridge and stayed on the right spur all the way, checking off the big drainage where the spur turns left, and the drainage to the right 150 m before the control. Came straight in on the dry stream. Spike!
5. Picked out a knoll on the ridgeline and ran for the right side of it, then due east from there and right in. Spike again!
6. Just barely right of line to avoid climbing a couple of knolls. Got into the gullies with the earthbanks and turned left about 25 m to the control.
7. +00:20Pretty straight. Picked the big knoll on the ridge and stayed right of it, then climbed and went over the second knoll. Lost a bit checking reentrants before finding it in the third one.
8. Straight on compass and keeping an eye on the start banner.
9. Toward the start, then along the road for a bit and then on line.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:20

Split Analysis

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