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Race Evaluation

Sessions Woods: Blue


1. "At the bottom" would have been useful in the descriptions.
2. SW to dirt road to bend, across big reentrant, to N of smaller rentrant.
3. +05:00Didn't follow compass very well, never saw the trail, saw a lot more thick green than the mapped area S of the control. Eventually figured out I was in the big reentrant to the W.
6. +00:30Saw the veg boundary as I entered it but never noticed the other side of it - not a very good atack point.
7. Neat tree!
8. Along the lake.
10. Road, trail across S end of uncrossable marsh, over the hill - saw the bag from the top of the cliff.
11. +03:00Headed SE through the flat area and along the cliffs - got caught in the green just beyond the marsh. S to trail would have been quicker. Followed trail until it descended the cliff. Found the saddle but no bag until I went another 10 feet and saw it on the ground. Rehung bag.
12. Dogleg back to the big cliff and take the trail. Interesting contour lines!
13. Trails to the NE and to the road.
14. Headed west (throught the logging trash) to the roads. Came through the dark green SE of 15 on the indistinct trail, then straight up the hill, around the spur to the second depression.
15. +00:30Came down the spur but looked at the bigger cliffs to the south first.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:00

Split Analysis

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