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Race Evaluation

Little Bennett - QOC: Brown


1. Hesitated
Too slow and precise when the stream was available as a perfect catching feature.
3. Trail was wet and difficult to run on.
4. Followed a long train along the creek.
5. Through the swamp to the field corner, then aimed a little low to avoid wasting climb.
6. Ditch was an easy handrail.
7. Bad compass work
Bad distance judgement
Could not relocate
Drifted way west. Found a white bag. Thought I might be east, so I went back west. Finally relocated on the trails. Surprised that I only lost 4 minutes, it felt like I was lost for a month.
8. Much more careful in taking a bearing across the spur.
9. Contoured a little bit and almost missed it to the left.
10. Again, more careful on the bearing. Spiked the first X.
11. Ditch to trail and down the hill.
F. Straight line to the clearing. Saw Nadim pivot around to find the finish punch on the shelter that wasn't in the center of the circle.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:00

Split Analysis

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