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Race Evaluation



1. +02:00I'm wasn't surprised when I flipped over the map and saw this long leg to start because I didn't really know what I could trust to see off of the map. I didn't have a problem keeping track of my forward progress, but left and right was a bit harder. At the bottom of the big spur I did know exactly where I was, where the ditch runs into the stream, so I knew I was left and crossed over the rocky top of the spur. Headed over the top and went right to the reentrant and didn't see the control, so I went back to the left and wandered around for a bit. Eventually I figured I just must not have gone far enough and went back. I'm pretty sure I was just above the control and never saw it the first time. Bummer.
2. No problems here, ran the line and you could see the bag from across the main reentrant.
3. +00:30Suffered from reverse contour issues here, thinking that the big reentrant curling up to the control was a weirdly shaped spur. Took more than a few seconds to figure that out, then no problems.
4. +02:00Went way right of the line for no good reason. I'm still not sure what I was seeing when I hit the first trail, because it looked like a really big reentrant and there's nothing like that where I could have been. I was pretty confused. In any case, my solution was to take the trail up to just before all the rocks to get a positive awareness of my position and then contoured across the spur, checked off the rocky stuff to my left and hit the boulder.
5. Mildly contoured around the spur and hit the trail by the rocky features and right over to the little reentrant. The control seemed to be a lot further than it seemed on the map. Another one of those short distance deceptions.
6. Went just right of the line, probably wouldn't have hurt to hop on the trail for half of it, since it was just next to me.
7. +01:30This one was a little trickier. Planned to run down the hillside aiming right until I hit the second trail, then dropping down the secont reentrant. Would have worked had I seen the first trail. Crossed the second one expecting and then realized that I must have passed both of them, so I just kind of haphazardly headed left and down the first reentrant. Since I could tell that there was another one further left, I knew that had to be it and hopped over the little nose, ended up below the control.
8. +01:00Planned to run just left of the mild spur and then cutting right at the rootstocks. But at the rootstocks I spied a bag in a "ditch" and went straight for it. I was actually in the stream well to the left of the control, but that was clear so I was able to get to the right place quickly.
9. +03:30This was a big booboo. Plenty of features along the line to collect, and I thought I was doing a great job doing so. Crossed the stream just right of the marsh, knew I was just right of the line. Passed the next stream right of the intersection, knew I was still about the same amount right, so I was on a good line. Shut the brain off, crossed the ridge and dropped right down to... number 10! The intersection by the second stream was actually the intersection ~150m downstream from the one I thought I was on. Should have been obvious had I continued to read the map well. At least I knew where I was when I got there, even though I didn't realize it was 10 until I was already on my way towards 9, so at least I knew I was right of the bag...
10. Well, this was pretty straight forward, plus I'd already been there...
11. This was the one leg where I actually measured the distance and tried pace counting, but I did both poorly and ran into the bag rather a bit by luck, well before I thought I should have.
12. +00:20I should have been able to just blast through this leg, given the wonderful backstop of the stream and the big corner right before the control. But I didn't realize that until I got really close, so my approach for the last 200 meters or so was good, beating out a pair of people who'd been gaining ground ahead of me on the rest of the leg.
13. +00:10I was actually confused here and wanted to cross the stream to go straight to the control, rather than along the big horsey trail. I guess I'd gotten into straight line mode pretty heavily.
F. What a brutal finish shute! Yikes! Pretty exhausted. And bleeding on all four major appendages!

Total Time Lost - 00:11:00

Split Analysis

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