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Race Evaluation



1. Hesitated
Unused to map
Very confused at start of race. Long first control was daunting.First decided to run trail a little, then it was hard to see on ground. Then debated leaving trail, but I remembered a few weeks ago when I did that without knowing where I was and screwing up the control. Found trail again, followed it to the marsh and reentrant, took bearing. Planned to cross 2 trails, then a stream, then look for my marker among the root stocks. I ran enough meters to get to the first trail, but I came to a stream instead. I looked really close and saw that it was blue, not black. Next, I climbed the hill and thought I crossed an indistinct trail. I kept following my bearing accurately, then started to aim a little left once I could see the stream. Then I searched all the rootstocks, moving right. I saw another runner go behind one and stay there for a few seconds, so I ran over there and found the marker.
2. Had looked ahead while I was running to #1, and I was able to take my bearing while I ran.
3. Lacked confidence
Took a bearing but decided to contour around a little. I did, but I didn't get to the marker as soon as I thought. I was confused, and I hesitated.
4. Liked the short leg. I ran up to the road, then looked down and saw the marsh to my left. I ran down the hill, which was pretty steep.
5. Hesitated
Took a bearing. Confused when I got to the stream. Hesitated. kept going, got to distinct contour features and found rootstock.
6. Contour features also really helpful on this one. Even though the marker was in a gully, the top of it was peeking over, and I could see it from far away.
7. Ran this one harder since a stream junction is hard to miss. Also, having the saddle on the way to aim for helped. I was off to the left but saw the marker right away.
8. Ran this one fast, even though I was nervous that it was a longer leg. Got to end of stream and corrected my bearing, then continued. I crossed over the little spur, then looked for the reentrant my gully was in.
9. Followed the contours and relied on my pace.
10. Went down the spur until I saw the big reentrant, then looked for little reentrant.
11. Liked the distinct contour features.
12. Hesitated
Crossed the stream at the right place, climbed the hill. I was really tired. Looked down and saw tire tracks in the field that looked like a trail. I stopped and looked at my map, and there was no trail. I knew I was in the right place because I'd just climbed that hill. I kept going, got to the stream, and saw my marker far to the right on the other side. I had to jump into the stream to cross it.
13. Took a bearing, saw marker.
F. Hard, uphill run through woods. Very tired.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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