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Race Evaluation



1. Long leg...just headed on out. A lot of confusing stuff for the first couple hundred meters, so just kept following a general compass heading. Picked up a trail for a little while heading my way until it faded. Spotted a big trash pile next to the trail that I was sure had to be marked on the map, but could not find it on the map. Finally made it to the ditch and up the hill crossing the rocky area and dropped right in on the control. If I had it to do again, I would have taken the road to the junction and then headed for the control
2. pretty much followed the line up over the ridge. Saw a cairn near the top of the reentrant that was not on the map. Saw the control from a distance while coming down the hill
3. Stayed a little to the right of the line and came across the old road bed and then up to the paved road. After crossing the road, right about on the line contoured around the left side of the big reentrant following an old unmarked trail. Crossed the marked trail and continued on. From below, I could not see the reentrant, but continued on and then it became obvious there was a small reentrant once you got close
4. Headed straight to 4. I crossed a trail looking to the right hoping to see the clearing (no luck) looked to the left to see rocks (no luck). Just continued on...across the reentrant and up the spur and dropped right in on the control
5. Headed straight. Across the reentrant, over the spur and found the trail. Found the control easily. Seemed to be closer to the trail than indicated.
6. Down the reentrant. Caught the trail and ran it for a while till it turned right. Then up the spur and over to the control without any problems
7. debated what to do while heading straight. It was a little denser than shown but still made ok time. I only remember crossing one trail. Found a spur with good size reentrants on both sides and follwed it to the bottom and then turned left at the bottom when I hit the trail. Should have stayed a little more left.
8. Took off straight, trying to run down the spur just to the right of the control. Wound up running down the spur left of the control without realizing it. Found the stream to the left of the control and realized where I was and headed straight for the control without loosing much time.
9. 3 of us punched in at 8 at the same time and headed to 9. Headed straight. Crossed the bottom edge of the marsh. Stayed left of the rootstocks on the hill. hit the small ditch/water junction right on target. Crossed the trail. Saw the large wide reentrant. Saw a sign on a tree for the campsite. Followed up the reentrant still following the line. All three of us doing our own navigation and still on track. Over the ridge and there was the control straight ahead in a ditch. Go to punch it and it was not our control. We looked a little south and did not see anything. I saw water below and figured I had wandered too far south. Headed north about 100m and found the control. The others had gone back up the ridge to relocate.
10. Straight line. Passed the other control in the ditch again about 100m south of 9. Continued on and found 10 after a few seconds of looking around in the ditch
11. Straight line. Cutting through the denser green area and then staying to the right of it. Found a ditch and followed it to the control
12. long haul....just continued on until crossing the first stream. over the spur and crossing the trail and then into the stream bend. No problem here.
13. Decided to go straight after going straight all day. Hit some muddy/wet areas and crossed the stream. Saw the control a ways off without any problem.
F. up the hill and into the finish. Up the hill for a finish was no fun

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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