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Race Evaluation

QOC: Fountainhead: Red


1. Training day so I was not pushing at all.
2. Over the first spur then followed the trail by the stream. Cut up after the stream jct. Spent some time on a trail which I could not find on map. No real plan, just go and find the 3rd inlet. Right to the control coming down the reentrant to NE.
3. Control was higher than I expected. Missed it and ended up to low.
5. Got to far S and came up wrong reentrant. Up to trail to relocate.
6. Jon Torrance and Dan Quinn came to (5) as I was leaving.
7. They went straight. I used road.
8. Caught a glimpse of Dan ahead as I was leaving. Met him again as we both went to (4) instead of (8)
9. Followed the stream then cut up the first reentrant because of the rumor the control might be misplaced. Did not see it so went on to correct reentrant. Up and down it and was just heading back to first one when Jon, Peggy and Ken came in so I stuck around. Some more up and down and then back to first reentrant and the control. Marek is now here also. Never saw Dan.
11. Stumbled just before the cliff and cut my finger on a rock.
12. Bleeding pretty bad so I held the cut closed with the other hand and slowed to a jog/walk. Up the hill with Ken to the NW and Peggy to the SW. Ken is closest. Still bleeding when I removed the pressure so I could punch.
13. Walked the rest.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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