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Race Evaluation

May Daze: Twin Boulders (Red)


1. Cross the small stream. Went around the left side of the big cliffs. Could see the spur that my control was behind from a long distance. Saw Paula on my right. Went between the 2 hills on the spur right on to the control.
2. Followed a compass bearing until I could see the hill to the left of the control.
3. Followed the left side of the spur on to the control.
4. Ran on a straight line.
5. Ran just to the right of the hill into the open area. Could see the twin boulders from a long ways away, although it looked like one boulder from the direction I was approaching.
6. Again ran on a straight line, checking off the rocky area on my left.
7. Ran around the spur on to the control.
8. Ran too fast
Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
My plan was to run hard looking for the deep reentrant and big spur in front of the control. However, I got confused after running a while. It turns out that my reentrant and spur were defined by form lines so they weren't very distinct. I stopped and tried to make sense of things, but decided that I hadn't gone far enough. I ran past the control by 200m, relocated on a big rocky area/cliff just NW of control #9, followed a reentrant back and hit the control.
9. Since I was already in the area once, this control was fairly easy.
10. I started on a straight line for this control, then decided to drop down and run along the right side of the long thin marsh. Ran around the end, up the reentrant on to the control.
11. Had a long climb here. Hit the big clearing to the right of the line, ran for the top of the hill, followed the rocky area to the control.
12. Did not like map
Bad distance judgement
Followed my compass downhill at an angle. Hit a rocky area and looked around for my control. Did lots of searching around and ended up back at the previous control. Decided I must have messed up and went back carefully counting paces this time. Landed at the same place but it was short so went further. Found the control at the next batch of rocks.
13. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Long leg. I was tired so I just tried to keep the legs moving. Went through a marshy area which reminded me of the Scandanavian elite runners. Hit the island of scattered trees at the edge of the map. Took a careful bearing from here, but still drifted to the left of the control off the map into some scattered trees. Did a careful read of the map and realized the control was just off the tip of the open area. I ran to that area and found the reentrant I was looking for.
14. Another long uphill slog. I followed a major reentrant until I got close, then took a bearing. Saw another control which I knew wasn't mine, but I checked anyway. My control was farther up the hill.
15. Ran down into the reentrant then climbed right over top of the hill to the rocky areas. Followed the right side of the broad spur. Could see my boulder from a long ways away.
16. Followed the fence until it hit the reentrant. Followed this skipping the first rocky area to my control. This particular control had a cow skull carefully placed on a rock for added ambience.
17. Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
My plans didn't quite work out on this one. I meant to go to the right and come down on top of the control from the spur. I ended up left, hit a different spur, but didn't waste too much time looking around. Kept going and saw my spur and cars off in the distance.
18. Most of my time was spent leaving the control because it was so steep and rocky. Once I got off of the treacherous rocks, I zipped around the thick aspens onto the control.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:20

Split Analysis

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