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Race Evaluation

Pine Hill Sprints: Sprint 1


1. My first encounter with the greenbriar! Forgot to take the split as I was too busy being scratched.
2. Straight. Could've used a trail, but hey, this is supposed to be training!
3. +00:10Thought I'd go straight, but ended up by the junction. Lost a couple seconds thinking, then very easy to control - don't think it was a bad choice.
4. Tried to run hard on the wiggley trail.
5. +00:10A few seconds lost getting one trail junction ahead of myself. Then fine.
6. +00:30A bit slow on the indistinct trail (hesitant in case I lost the trail and needed to use more features, which never happened). Then a bit too slow into the control on the rough ground.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:50

Split Analysis

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