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Race Evaluation

Boston Area Training: Boojum: Long


1. hesitant start trying to get used to fact that I'm running on a trail, but no trail on map - watch bearing and am fairly clean.
2. +01:30first white hole - took careful bearing and took off planning to hit marsh at far side, about halfway there it occurs to me that there are likely other marshes in the hole and I should have been pace counting. Slow waaay down looking for marsh and matching contours. See Ross running the other way to my right, not sure when he started though, so disregard. Clean but slow
3. +00:30right of line to steer clear of white hole, slowed some undergrowth, get to cliff and looked around for probably 20s before seeing pale streamer partway up cliff - only some controls had bags, others had hard to see tapes
4. +00:10Ross catches & passes, I skirt big hill to R, then cut a little too far L, failing to notice small knoll under stone wall symbol - didn't check clue
5. Ross ahead, I took careful straight line, came over spur to find Ross & Samantha looking about, then headed off R. I pause to more carefully study cliffs, then decide to head L downhill where I think I see a likely boulder - clean, but Ross & Sam right behind
6. first line-o - slow and careful checking my place with lots of features while also trying not to miss any bag or streamer in the process - very clean on entire line, but not so fast with so much feature checking & doublechecking features
7. unmapped trails
8. +02:20got off to right, but in thickish vegetation thought I had drifted L, corrected the wrong way trying to 2nd guess location of unmapped trail before matching contours and correcting
9. mapped trail
10. +00:20ignore trails - straight on line trying to match contours - get to first knoll to find Dean grousing about searching 5min - I tell him knolls too broad and press on and we spike ruin - lost 20s looking for tape - no find, but obviously right feature and move on
11. +00:30wanted to follow ail, but it twisted about itself too much to trust so went off trail in thickish veg - hit marsh ok, but spent 30s searching for streamer which, IMHO, was more on the S side than N side as description said
12. +00:40white hole - straight across, but got R when rematching features on other side - fairly quick correction
13. +03:00blew this one - started ok, but then misinterpreted lg reentrant - one I was looking at was actually in white hole, I
14. trail around white hole - safe route
15. +03:30missed a split in here somewhere I think - guessing on whick one another line-o, misread green, turned downhill on trail to soon, finally came back to knoll further up - ne clue here, not 100% sure circle & flag were same location, but found flag & continued
16. trail run - hesitant
17. +00:15straight, 15s looking for tape, but no doubt about correct location, so moved onward
18. +00:20up reentrant to L, then straight, hesitate as flag across trail (unmapped) rather than on fence - no code noted so scanned fence for a bit before deciding flag was mine
19. +01:00at least a minute lost shuffling maps with cold, gloved hands, then easy jog along fence
20. trail run around pond, cold wind, not pushing too hard
21. +00:15hesitated as map didn't show a gap in fence, didn't want to get stuck but decided to trust a gap was there for trail, ran pretty hard, but stopped to assess contours nw of control - seemed like more rock than mapped and momentarily unsure of position
22. over top & trail run
23. trail run (mapped!)
24. double flag line-o - kept getting tangled in greenbriar, but cleanly followed line - slowly
25. more of the same, hard to 'tune out' unmapped trails on ground and focus on contours - tired and wanted to use trails
F. +06:00trail sprint - unmapped, but after finding final flag ran fast around instead of following rest of line - taking cumulative time off here for numerous shoe reties & clothing adjustments - over dressed and forgot O shoes - these ones sucked... A very fun course, though frustrating at times readjusting to lack of map features and constant uncertainty about feature inclusion and vegetation inaccuracies

Total Time Lost - 00:20:20

Split Analysis

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