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Race Evaluation

Boston Area Training: Boojum: Long


1. slight hesitation while I worked out what side of the trail I needed to be on.
5. After getting into a nice rhythm, I messed up here. I came to the top of the hill overlooking the control point and talked myself out of deciding it was the right place. Wandered W back to the trail before I figured it out. Still had some trouble finding the flag.
8. SW to trail. I started up the hill to the other side, thought better of it -- saw Ross & Clint pass behind me. I followed them down the trail, saw Clint head off to the right before the swamp.
10. Followed the trail for a while, then cut west when I felt I was ESE of the control. Stopped way too short (confused by a lot of bare rock). Wandered in circles until Clint came by and showed me the way.
11. Followed Clint W through some briars, missing the trail gap that Ken Sr. figured out from the map. Went down to trail. When I got to the control area, it took me a while to find the flag.
12. Straight.
13. As I was reaching the top, saw Clint climbing up from the right.
14. Plan was to go through the blank area, but it didn't look inviting so I took the trail. Reached the control shortly after Clint.
15. Following Clint, but he went left at the beginning of the yellow area. Lost him for a while.
17. Wandered a bit in the control circle. Never spotted the flag (It would have helped if I had a clue sheet...)
20. Trail run around E side of reservoir, cutting down to lower trail right before the control. Clint catches up.
21. Twice he took a higher line, just beating me to the control
22. Again he went high, I stayed low, coming up through the saddle, but being blocked by dense stuff just over the rise. Saw Clint briefly, but that was the last I saw of him. I was running out of gas big time...
24. Hesitating at N end of marsh, figuring out how to get around the briars.
25. Leaving 24, Ken Walker Sr, then John F passed me. I missed #25 because I wasn't looking for it -- I skirted just S of the pine thicket at the swamp, avoiding briars.
F. Here's where I figured out there was a #25. Oh well. But a very well thought out course. Thanks, Barb!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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