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Race Evaluation

First Annual St. Patricks Day O Event: Red (aka Blue)


1. +01:00Right into the ramble. Focus on the trails, cross the stream, see the cliff, wander for a moment. Iffy map there.
2. +01:30Even getting out of the maze is tricky, I go around the water instead over bridge. Slow at control, I go to knoll at trail, have to move one over. Still getting used to the park map format, I guess.
3. Down to road. Now it is running and speed. Meanwhile I figured that some controls are put in subtle spots.
4. Trails, road and some monuments fly by, a bridge and the control. Nice.
5. +00:45I go off, stumble over weird berm in the asphalt, fall. Make into a proper roll on the pavement and get up. Compass is crushed. Pick up the pieces and keep going. The contours are hard to read (weak print), so I run over the Belvedere. Around might be faster but longer.
6. North side of reservoir on soft path. Good run around to bridge.
7. Theoretically I would want to cross the North Meadow. Fences are all around. Take northern route to road and up hill.
8. +01:30Up on hill and around the circle, drop down on meadow to trail. The inside of the legs hurts. A bad spot to drop out, all the way on the north end of CP. Keep going, am concerned if I hurt myself more. Drop low on control, below cliff. Read description too late, have to climb back up to the ruin or whatever the object is on top.
9. A short mean leg. A homeless man watches how I aim at the boulder. He doesn't say a word, good fair play not to give away the control.
10. +01:00Take trail up to road and down on trail. Route along lower road seems now much better. Well...
11. Trail to stream and up the hill.
12. +00:30See big cliff from far. This time I read the description, it says wall. So I stay high and look for the wall. Yet the cliff is the wall. Have to climb down.
13. Long run on roads and some trails north of North Meadow.
14. Run over the reservoir, on running trail, kind of fun. Realize I have to cross the bridge not be on the wrong side of the cross road.
15. +02:00I want to go on the north side, but I get stuck in some fences and use the south side of the Great Lawn. To make things worse, there is not trail around the Belvedere and I go over it again. The control is at a staircase leading down in some eremit (homeless man) cave. A nifty spot, but it needs some good intution to figure it.
F. +00:30Through the maze, past the boat house. Again, the route via the bridge might be faster, hard to say. An interesting race. This kind of park orienteering is new to me. Have to learn to deal with the obstacles and different speed.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:45

Split Analysis

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