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Race Evaluation

Clent Hills District event: Brown


1. Lacked confidence
Couldn't quite see the hide the control was on from the path.
2. Bad map reading
Control was further round than I expected.
3. Hesitated
Perhaps a little hesitant plunging straight into the massive reentrant.
4. Bad route choice
Ran up out of #3 into some bracken unnecessarily. Would have been better to run near the narrow marsh (stream?) to the path below. Also very nearly ran into an uncrossable fence.
5. Bad route choice
Better route choice would have been to stay level and not head to the path further down.
6. Bad route choice
Did not like map
Poor route choice out of 5 which involved about another 15m of climb. #6 was on easternmost knoll, south side (though the control description didn't say which knoll of the six in the control circle, tut tut). Found the knolls easy enough and must have found all the rest before finding the one with the control. Also, the line didn't hit the circle 'squarely'.
7. Tired
Walked a fair way along a path.
8. Tired
9. Tired
11. Tired
Mostly a path run. Was with an old guy 9-10 but managed to get past him on the path.
12. Tired
65m of climb on this leg, and thats only after the road crossing! I was knackered and the path was muddy in places so I walked most of the way up the hill.
13. Bad route choice
My route involved 30m of climb from a bridge to the south. It would probably have been better to have not dropped down so far only to go back up.
14. Tired
15. Tired
Mostly a path run.
16. Bad route choice
Took paths to this one, since it was just off a path and the forest didn't look too nice.
F. Tired
Spent. Who in their right mind plans 20m of climb on the run-in?!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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