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Race Evaluation

First Annual St. Patricks Day O Event: Red (aka Blue)


1. Into the ramble..Quite a few looping trails in here. See competitor at control
2. do you find the bridge. Made a few wrong turns. Control easy if you knew what you were looking for.
3. Run hard and straight as possible. Again saw competitor drop down to control.
4. Back to the ramble, but easy placement and getting better at reading paths.
5. +00:20First sensation of being tired. Maybe that 90 minute hard workout yesterday may not have been a great idea. Still I needed the training. Slight wrong turn at the castle
6. Basically a road run. Went south and ran along road. Kept up with the joggers. Thought about may old road running days when I actually ran this loop quite a few times.
7. Fences guided you right. Control visible from 50 meters away.
8. +00:15This leg actually feels lke an orienteering leg. Drift a bit left. A family follows me to the control and watches me crayon.
9. A real orienteering leg. Just find the right boulder
10. Don't see anything on this leg but going down to the road and then up path along the water.
11. Reverse course adn run back down the path. Control visible on bare rock as you come up the slope.
12. Not sure where this control is hung, but guess on the far side and go left and follow small path right to it.
13. I'm tired. Lots of walking and slow jogging. Get passed right at control.
14. +01:30Slow speed allows me to make sure I'm on the right side of the road.
15. +01:30See the Borowitz's as I leave control. Lots of fences here. Lots of people to dodge going up to castle. Get to control area and Gregory indicates it down below. The guy who passed me at #13 passes me again. Probably on the wrong side of the road at #14.
F. +01:00Back down to the bridge at a slow jog, dodging people all the way. Past the fountain and up the hill. Very tired and sweaty.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:05

Split Analysis

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