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Race Evaluation

First Annual St. Patricks Day O Event: Red (aka Blue)


1. not a runner and new to orienteering I was nervous to start. length was too long for me. started fine.
2. went to wrong side of cliff had to go around to other side.
3. good leg for me.
4. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Did not read control code
Did not read control description
Lacked confidence
had to shed some layers, went back to start to drop clothing. got to control quickly. could not beleive it was in the open. previous 3 controls were hidden. kept looking for hidden control. decided to read control number of clearly visible control. wasted time. unsure how much.
5. now that I know all controls don't have to be hidden I ran to the out the in open control.
6. long run for me. good leg.
7. good leg.
8. good leg.
9. wasted a few seconds.
10. Disturbed by others
Followed others
good leg. runner passed me.
11. Bad route choice
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Disturbed by others
Followed by others
second runner passed me. I took a break to let others get out of sight. no reason to follow. lost concentration during break.
12. Did not plan ahead
Disturbed by others
Followed by others
lost concentration.
13. Tired
good leg. may have taken long route.
14. Took a chance
Lacked confidence
hesitant to attack. not sure what side of road the control was on. wrong choice would have wasted a lot of time. made correct choice.
15. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Bad map reading
what can I say about this, other than glad it was the only one like it. bad route choice and hard to find control.
F. Bad route choice
tired hard to follow map out.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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