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Race Evaluation

Boston Area Training: Boojum: Long


1. I was a little confused starting out since the trails weren't on the map, but I made sure that I figured it out before running off which definitely saved me from a mistake.
2. I was very careful with my bearing on this one and it paid off. I hit the marsh right where I was expecting it.
3. I picked up the cliff in the distance while leaving 2.
4. Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
For some reason I thought that the reentrant before 4 wasn't the right one, and ran down to the next one. Looking at it now I can't figure out why I read it wrong, but it was pretty stupid. I when I got to the hill below I noticed that I was too close to the road and realized my mistake.
5. Pretty much perfect map reading, but didn't find any control, so I hesitated a little to make sure I was right.
6. Very solid map reading, felt great staying on the line.
7. Picked up the cliff in the distance from the trail.
8. Did not check features en route
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Bad distance judgement
Picked up the trail leading into 8 and fell into trail mode. Unfortunately, since the trail wasn't on the map, lowering my map contact was disastrous and I ended up running right past the control thinking that it wasn't mine. I took the bend in the trail and ran it out to the road before realizing what I had done. I'll have to remember to be more careful when running on unmapped trails in the future.
9. Easy trail run.
10. Pushed hard through the green to get to the field. Was a little unsure about the vegetation mapping around the field, but picked up the trail leading into the control. I got a little lucky though since I wasn't sure about the map in this area.
11. Cut down to the trail coming off the road and cut pu the little reentrant to the marsh. Probably would have been faster to go right down the spur.
12. Careful compass work across blanked-out section, and good relocation on the other side. Started to attack slight to the left of the control, but kept my vision up and saw it before I started to make a mistake.
13. Careful compass, then picked up hill in the distance about half-way through.
14. Considered running trail around window, but ended up cutting through near the top. Picked up the thin, curvy reentrant with the large cliff alongside it to relocate, then picked up trail to the top of the hill.
15. Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
Got a little confused with the line coming out of 14. I started up the first hill, then thought I might be wrong and ran to the little hill on the other side of the trail to relocate. When I got there I realized my mistake and went back to the line on the other hill. Then I cut off the line just before 15 thinking I was at the bend in the line already, and ended up hitting the marsh below 16. I quickly relocated and found 16 only to notice that I had missed 15. I retraced the line up the hill and found 15 right away. I didn't read the line closely enough when I decided to cut off the trail. It was a pretty dumb mistake.
16. Quick run back down the trail.
17. I used my momentum off the hill and pushed hard to 17, seeing the little hill in the distance.
18. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
18 started out well. I picked up the reentrant midway through the leg, but then somehow got messed up on my bearing and ended up on the trail just before number 1. I quickly realized where I was and ran the trail into 18.
19. Fast little trail run.
20. I was feeling great at this point and pushed it a bit on the trail, taking the opportunity to look over the rest of the course.
21. I saw Sam coming out of 20 as I was going in, and so I pushed hard to catch her on 21. I spiked the control just as she was leaving it.
22. Cut up the hill to the trail right behind Sam and passed her going down the trail. I pushed hard to put some distance between us on the rest of the trail run.
23. Read map too late
Bad map reading
Again, I started out pushing hard to get away from Sam, even though she was already out of sight. Unfortunately I hadn't noticed a junction in the trail because the other trail wasn't mapped, and I took the wrong one in my haste. I paused when I did it and started to go back to the other one, but changed my mind and continued on the wrong trail. It took me right up to 16 when I suddenly realized I was wrong and actually check my other map to see where 16 was to figure out exactly where I was. From there I just ran along the top of the marsh into the control only to find Sam coming into it from the correct trail.
24. Again I pushed hard to get away from Sam and caught Brendan at the beginning of the line segment. It was a pretty easy line segment at the beginning so I continued to push hard, passing Brendan just before rounding the top of the marsh.
25. Ran too fast
Read map too late
Bad map reading
I made a mistake just before 15 on the little hill top. I was pushing very hard at this point and hadn't quite read the line perfectly. I saw a runner ahead of me cutting to the second little hill top from the line and started in that direction. A quick check of my map made me realize my mistake and I cut back to the line right away.
F. Just a quick sprint up the trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:25

Split Analysis

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