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Race Evaluation

Rocky Woods: Blue


1. No map copy for course setter. Ran straight, although drifted a little left on climb.
2. +01:00Small bobble due to missing streamer. Rechecked postion to confirm control placement.
3. Left of line along high ground S of pond due to better running.
4. Straight, hit trail at intersection. Briefly W on trail before going in.
5. Straight, retracing steps.
6. N of hill, S probably better.
7. Trail to intersection, then E and around hill and in. Maybe a little unmapped detail between elevations as there was pull to turn NW into apparent reentrant a bit early.
8. Straight across.
9. Ran big reentrant to 2nd E reentrant, then contoured big hillside staying below rocky ground.
10. To trail, then looped in along high ground after reentrant visible on L.
11. NE to trail, then between depressions and straight up.
12. N around swamp, then hit gap between Eastern swamps.
13. Cut N edge of hill, cross trail and then up N of big cliff. Time an estimate due to watch failure.
14. Straight east up large climb, then follow trails from clearing and dove S at small knoll.
15. Trails to start of indistinct trail, then contoured until large boulder, then up to to of ridge.
16. Straight.
17. Headed more N than intended due to vegetation, hit road near start circle.
18. Straight over top to path intersection, around swamp, then along ridge until spotted boulder S of control.
19. Straight up hill, definitely walking now.
20. To trail, then walked up E of paired cliffs.
21. To trail, then in before rocky hill, crossed ridge and contoured around to control.
22. W of big cliffs, trail cutting corner.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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