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Race Evaluation

Bubba Goat: Bubba Goat


2. +00:30Stayed on the trail too long and overshot the control.
3. Cut through the woods on a bend in the trail. Probably not worth it.
4. A little uncertain of precise position on the hill, but I knew I would hit the road eventually.
5. Took the other fork.
6. I think this was by far the better fork to take. The other one looked like it had much more green stuff in the way.
7. Came out into the reentrant below the control, but saw David leaving it, so I knew approximately where it was.
8. +00:45Intended to go more straight, but allowed myself to drift down the hill away from the vegetation.
11. +00:30Had intended to follow the stream and avoid climb, but when I got to the stream, it was pretty ugly. Should have tried to hit the stream further north, but the route turned out to be OK.
12. I think this control was further down the hill than it appears to be on the map.
14. In general the green hash on the map was decently runable. The trees have lost their foliage and limbs, so it might have been slightly optimal to go around, but it didn't make a huge difference.
15. There were some big-ish trees in the way of going straight, so I went around on the trail. Maybe would have been faster to just go straight.
20. Skipped this one.
21. +00:15Coming down the hill from the start/finish, I drifted too far south, but caught myself at the reentrant.
22. Not sure exactly where I left the trail, but I definitely ended up at the saddle and then had no problems.
25. David caught up to me on the way, so I had some incentive to run.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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