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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig X (OCIN): Clasic-Blue


1. One pretty day, my route will be here. I started ahead of my scheduled time, with a bunch of strong people around my start: Mark Prior, 8 min ahead; Mook, 6; Spike, 4; John F, 2 min ahead of me.
3. Went pretty straight. Maybe it wasn't so great, but I also wasn't pushing the pace, trying to save the best for the flat portion of the course.
4. Bad compass work
Up the reentrant, then correct left... too far left.
5. Again, pretty straight and without pushing it. I see Sergey whooped my butt by over a minute on both of the uphill legs.
6. Up the hill with a USMA guy. That's why this split didn't suck.
7. On my way up to Control 6, I couldn't see any good, inventive around-choice for this leg, so went straight after the initial 350 m on the trail. Caught Mark halfway into the leg, and he helped me keep the pace. Other than momentary confusion while crossing the "paved" road, I executed very well and identified all the major green blobs on the way, avoiding the worst. Shortly before Control 7, I found John who was converging into it as if after having taken a wide-left trail route, which I discarded early on.
8. John led me into this one.
9. As I followed John down the spur trail, the pace quickly became uncomfortable. And, as I was falling back, I took my last look at the leg and decided to go wide right, around on trails, and let John go straight. As I was approaching #9 on the trail, John was there, crashing through the woods. And at the control, there was Mook!
10. John and Mook moved so fast I could barely breathe. But, I did take a long hard look at #10–#11.
11. I went well to the right, through the band of white, same way as Peter G did on his Red course. And, as I crossed the creek, up there were Mook and John... three times in a row that my route choice kept me in contact with the train of faster-moving people. Normally I suck at RC, but not this time... years of terrain-relevant practice, I guess...
12. I think I saw Spike at #11 ir #12, but cannot remember exactly where.
13. As I left #12, Mook was not to be seen and John was about 150 m ahead. I went pretty straight, not using any trails, since I had seen the woods around the little pond on my way to #9 and they were not scary at all. I then negotiated the green N of the large pond pretty well. I should have stayed more to the left, though, to avoid more green.
14. Saw John's shirt way ahead upon leaving #13. But Dave Frei was also there, moving at about my pace. Dave didn't have my #14...
15. Bad map reading
... or #15, but I kept running along him on his route. I misread the vegetation boundaries upon approach, and ended up just W of the control. Stopped, read the map, turned around, found it. At this point I thought John and Mook were gone for good.
16. ... But, as I was coming into #16, again with Dave F by the side, I saw Mook leaving for #17, taking a wide-right, handrail-safe route.
17. Trying to catch Mook, I went straight. The mapped marsh sucked...literally. It also had some veg other than the close saplings, some briary stuff in it. As I fought that veg, I deviated from the line and hit the clearing wide right. Dasha was going from our #17 to #18. I don't count this as a mistake, though.
18. Dasha led me into #18.
19. I followed Andras Revesz along the fence out of #18, but it became clear he wasn't going my way. I crossed the forest quickly but got caught up on the fence that paralleled the paved road. As I untangled and rolled down upon the road, John was there. I ran the road towards the finish a hair tad too much among the excitement. As I followed John to the control, there was another guy in all black and a kerchief, moving really fast. I figured it was a Canadian but could not tell if he was Wil or Hammer.
20. John and Hammer hammered up the paved road, and I couldn't keep up at all.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:25

Split Analysis

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