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Race Evaluation

DVOA Warwick: Blue


1. Disturbed by others
e-punching today. the first thing I noticed was this was both ctrl 1 and 6. Managed to blow it, distracted by another runner
2. running downhill thru open fields. Now that is fun
3. stayed low in the field to avoid the really tall grass to the parking lot. Took Horseshoe Trail to second junctionm, then up to Charcoal Trail. Found 9 on the way, then used prop line as handrail then down spur
4. decided to run straight at the field but the light green was thicker than the amazon and green kills on a downhill leg, so bailed to the fields on the right. Then west trail then boulder. If the light green is really light green I think going straight is the way to go.
5. Hesitated
Probably the trickiest one, no contour detail near the flag and the green is a bit vague. I often have trouble on this part of the map; I decided to head for the long uncrossable swamp, and look for the dark green. Was hesitent as I wasn't sure I'd recognise the swamp. Found swamp, didnt find dark green thicket but recognized broad spur feature was on. I think going straight is quite bold, wonder if anyone did.
6. back to Horseshoe Trail and to edge of fields. Attacked it the same way as the first time and did not miss this time ...
8. Bad route choice
This is a good leg, I think. I went straight at it to the Charcoal Trail then off the trail junction, but the rocks were murder, and slow. A better choice may be to follow the property line to the corrider without rocks straight down the hill.
9. Found this one the way to 3 just ran the trail
10. +00:30trail running. Was a little miffed at 2 bags on the same feature within 50 meters. Don't know what the rule is but I lost 30 sec. Lot of people treasure hunting down here. Oh well, good relocation training
11. Did not like map
trail to trail rather than diagonally. Lot of unmapped rock off the trail junct attack point confused me.
12. seen this one before too
13. Did not like map
drawn right by an unmapped (or covered by the ctrl number) thicket. Saw bag way to the west
14. Did not like map
Not thinking clearly
Lacked confidence
trail run. Hesitated by unmapped building on trail (they later tell me this is mapped as a man made object). I'm an idiot for hesitating at it, because there was no chance I was on the wrong trail
F. I think the map could use a revision, but all in all a fun course

Total Time Lost - 00:02:05

Split Analysis

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