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Attackpoint - performance and training tools for orienteering athletes

Race Evaluation

Flying Pig X (OCIN): Clasic-Blue


1. No attack point
Didn't really have a clear plan or attack point. Went down the slope E of circle and hesitated before getting to control
2. Went pretty much on line, through the gap and down the reentrant.
3. Contoured around the hill before sliding down to the stream. Then up the trail along the spur to the bend.
4. Down and up and down. Went one clif face too far east of control.
5. Ran along the lake shore to reentrant due NE of cliff face, then up the hill and through the gap.
6. Followed the line.
7. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Lacked confidence
Ran the trail heading NNE till the end of the plateau. Then cut across to parallel trail due E. The swampiness on the plateau must've itimidated me enough. So I followed trail around the fence line to NE corner. Cut across to road. Followed road N to 90d bend, then ran along valley/ditch heading E. Planned on heading up the reentrant in-line with control, but must've had poor compass/map reading as I went in-between 7 & 8. Caught myself when I saw the forest boundary.
8. No problem as I had already seen where it was going to 7
9. Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
Major gaffe here. Followed trail out across the road to trail junction. Veered SW past open field into forest, but then hesitated and lost bearing as I hit the major trail along the fence. Not really think straight here, and not looking at my map/compass correctly, I proceeded to use the fence as handrail, only I picked the wrong one! Instead of the one just E of 9 I was at the next one further E! Didn't realize my mistake until I ran into the green and the ditch, but still continue to rely on the fence to get myself out of trouble. My head was definitely not in the game. Finally got back on the trail S of 9, and somehow still missed the control by overshooting one reentrant NE.
11. Bad route choice
Took the trail to stream and ran along stream bed to ditch SW of 11.
13. Lacked confidence
After all the debacle early on, I went conservative from this point on, just trying to eliminate mistakes. Took indistinct trail towards major trail along fence. Followed it to 2nd 90d bend. Then took a compass bearing to the W edge of pond and ran S to control.
14. Bad route choice
Took trail to road. Ran NE up road for a bit before turning E to control.
15. Hesitated
Took a direct bearing, but ran pretty slow. A bit of hesitation but no major problem otherwise.
16. Lacked confidence
Another direct bearing. Practicing my pace counting along the way. Bearing was slightly off to the right.
17. Bad route choice
Lacked confidence
Thought about direct bearing, but didn't want to risk going through the marsh land. So instead took the safe route around on the trail.
18. Yet another direct bearing from the trail. Getting quite a work out in pace counting by now.
19. Direct bearing to the road. Found the opening in the fences and ran through the open field.
20. Followed the trek marks from previous runners back to road.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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