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Race Evaluation

DVOA Nottingham Relays: All 4 legs (WOBY)


1. slow start and I even figured the ctrl was behind that building. #1 training goal is a faster start out of the triangle
5. Did not like map
drop to the trail by the stream. No trail, not even a deer trail. Bushwacking on the white course ...
6. white run in
7. orange leg 1
9. Bad route choice
thru the light green. My split on this leg backwards on the later course, where I chose the road, is only 15 sec worse, but that is when I am not as fresh and is up 5 contours instead of downhill
10. trail off reentrant
13. left of lake (and I used a cup at the water stop, as always :-))
14. thru the rough open areas
17. orange run in
18. Did not like map
brown leg 1. I was tenative because I knew the trails would be iffy, and I was right
19. left of stream. Light green is green briar city. I'd hate to be in the dark green ...
20. what clearing?
23. road this time
24. back to #1 pick my way to the bigger clearing and up to the "D" trail
25. off stream trail junct hesitated in vegatation
28. brown run in. They tell me I'm 4 minutes behind with me to run yellow and eddie to run orange still, but orange is only 3k.
29. yellow leg 1
31. third visit to this bag
32. Tired
could not run up the hill
33. Bad route choice
took north trail to reentrant to stream. South trail led to that iffy intermittant trail thru the green that I did not want to chance. Probably stupid since I must go thru the light green anyway
34. lose time trying to remove a thorn from the bottom of my foot. Its still there, unfortunately
36. did this leg faster this time around
37. and this one also
F. yellow run in

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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