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Race Evaluation

DVOA Nottingham Relays: All 4 legs (WOBY)


3. SE from parking lot to trail. Figured it might be weak, and it was.
5. stayed high on trail.
8. David O ran with me.
9. We split this - Dave went left and I took the road. They were equal.
10. Around in yellow to about halfway, then punched in to the trail and along bottom of hillside. David apparently stayed out longer and got really tied up in briars. Didn't see him until the end.
12. up trail a little way to just above the green reentrant, then across the nice woods ridge. Aimed off left, but was farther than I wanted.
13. Downhill on trail and around.
14. Below start through open, the along trail to (unmapped) fenced enclosure - up along fence.
18. Ran off left of the main pack - just me an Joel R. The two trails we intended to take didn;t exist and we found oursleves in a jungle. Joel sorted it out fast and was gone, while I fubled with the briars. I think this would have been a fine route had the trail been there.
19. Looked for indistinct, but didn't find it.
20. Was high and left. Yeah, what clearing.
21. High and left again.
23. Road looked good, but went right. Found unmapped trail just E of stream so took that into the woods. Thick. Bailed E uphill to meadow then had to search for a way out through a green wall where it was mapped white. Saw David O leaving.
24. Straight to below start. Knew these trail were gone. Managed to find vestages of one of them, and found the pit. Never found teh trail into the clearing, so just pushed through the green. Miserable.
25. Trail around the top, across to other trail, attacked off trail bend. Tripped in stream and landed on my face. Hoping to find a thicket in a thicket. Got lucky.
32. West to trail then up. cut the corner through the only really nice woods on the map.
33. down the trail to the stream, then out through the briars. Saw Randy on his way to #3 brown. I screwed up and crossed the bridge. This was a tough leg for yellow, given that the main handrail - an indistinct path - didn't really exist.
35. High trail. Saw Heidi here. She beat me to #8.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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