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Race Evaluation

QOC Summer Series #1: Control Picking


1. Ran road to trail. Then in and down correct reentrant. Checked decoy in W one, and ran to E one to verify.
2. Around spur to east and then up along top of ridge counting reentrants. Saw decoy.
3. Trail to bend, then off top of reentrant.
4. Saw dave below me as I was leaving the control. THrough clearing and up to first decoy on left. Wasn't sure, so checked the reentrant bend above then went over the spur to the correct one.
5. Trail to T, then handrail along steepness. Saw one decoy on first hill.
6. Down hill til I could see the dot knoll, then a little left of straight. Didn't see the decoy.
7. Trail across swamp and up, then aimed off right to rd. Heard Nadim leaving.
8. Straight into wheatfield. Felt guilty about running through someones field, so came back out and ran trail around and then road. Saw decoy at corner, kept going on road to middle of building then cut in. Nadim punched just behind me.
F. Clicking spikes getting louder behind me....pick up pace.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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