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Race Evaluation

QOC Summer Series #1: Control Picking


1. Cut in at the first (indistinct) trail at the big reentrant and ran along the tops of the reentrants in the open woods. Counted reentrants and never realized the map was wrong. Of course, I did the fieldwork here so...
2. MO for the evening: go around on trails. Headed out to road and passed Nadim coming in. First starter so I never saw anyone else. Around on trail to junction, in to edge of hill. Saw decoy in reentrant.
3. Back to trail, off at trail/reentrant junction. Almost went down wrong spur.
4. Here, back to the trail and around rather than through the thick marsh. Easy to read the reentrants from the top.
5. Back on trail to junction, then followed the contours. Saw one of the two decoys. Rather vague formline knoll (still my fieldwork...)
6. More around than straight, missed the green but added too much distance. Easy control though in cool detailed area. Saw the decoy on the other dot knoll.
7. Trail to road, then down the road to the two junked cars. Didn't see the decoy.
8. Through the field. It's all parkland, no guilt for me like Eddie had. The running was fine, a bit slower than the road but more direct. I figured my legs needed the workout. Saw the control from far away but the control description was a bit vague and I thought the real control was next to the road. So passed by the control and looked for the "real" one. Not to be found, decided the description wasn't what I thought, and went back to punch.
F. Road run. Good training course!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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