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Race Evaluation

Barebones: Enduro


1. +02:00J-J was my partner for the race. I led him off to the left a bit and we saw the washroom before recovering
5. +02:00Our route was a little wobbly, but no trouble finding the control
6. +02:00We stayed on trails, covering a lot of extra distance. Saw John Harbuck at the control, but apparently he missed it, as he came back later.
7. +25:00Followed trails, and ended up off to the south. Saw lots of people. Again, saw John Harbuck just before we figured it out, but he didn't. Joel Thomson and spouse came in right behind us from a different direction.
8. Nice route along trail, spiked it.
9. Spike
10. Spike
11. Aroundthe hill on the O-map, all on trail.
12. +02:00Followed trail in the green, then got a little confused in the green before the control and ended up 150m too low. Recovered to get there right in front of Joel.
13. Spike.
14. All J-J on the trail This is the area I got lost the day before.
F. Hustled to get in under 3 hours

Total Time Lost - 00:33:00

Split Analysis

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