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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig X (OCIN): Clasic-Blue


1. +00:45Missed to the right coming down the hill. Should have done a better job reading contours + vegetation.
2. Contoured to avoid the green, then cut through around the left of the hilltop.
3. Along the lake to the beach, then up the trail. Left the trail on an elefant path.
4. Pretty much straight, although I contured slightly to the left of the spur.
5. Down to the inlet, then up, up, up to the ridge. Easy control with a lot of climb.
6. Mostly straight with micro-routes through the green. Some Canadian caught up.
7. +01:30Over to the path, then on path behind Canadian. He cuts into the forest a bit early in my mind. I wait until I'm sure to hit the corner of the next trail as I cut through the green. Run NE on new trail and right ot the junction. I get to what should have been a trail, but instead it is a small lake. I try to follow it, but the forest to the NE doesn't look medium green as mapped. I get through it pretty easily and hit clearing just N of the leg line. Follow the trail / path from there. As I cut through the final dark green close to 8, I see the Canadian I was running behind earlier - he's just heading into 8. I try to run on compass to 7, but miss the little ditch and get to the big one. Not sure whether to go left or right. Ugh! Should have aimed off. I figure out where I am based on turns in the longer ditch.
8. Drank some water, then back towards 8.
9. +00:20Pretty much the same way as I came in, except I go a bit further W through the medium green south of the clearing. Bad choice - it's thicker there. Through the recently formed lake again, meeting John. Hesitate a bit on final approach, because of the smaller depression just E of the control.
10. Easy dogleg.
11. In the creek for a long while, then up through th emedium green the last 100m or so.
12. Another dogleg.
13. Forest was very runnable the entire way, so I went as straight as possible. When I hit the pond, it became clear that the NW end was more or less impassable, so I went around the other side.
14. +03:30Blood sugar was starting to get a bit too low at this point. I took the path to the road, running diagonally through the big clearing. But after entering the forest on the other side, I started turning to the right and hit the southern fence. I was not able to use the vegetation to figure things out. when I finally found the control, a USMAOC woman came in and spiked it just in front of me.
15. +01:00Stuck in thorns for a good part of this leg.
16. Used vegetation boundaries / trails to keep track en route. Vegetation boundary was also useful on final approach.
17. Straight through the marsh, which turned out to have a lot of tall grass and be not very runnable. Still, didn't lose much vs. taking the long way around.
18. Catching up with Zan, and trying to run efficiently thtrough the green.
19. Pretty much straight - had to climb a fence or two if I recall correctly.
20. Back to road - NOT through the green.
F. Got cheered on by Canadians lounging. Most of them seemed to have come back a long time ago.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:05

Split Analysis

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