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Race Evaluation

COK Blue Ridge Challenge, Day 1: Green Y


1. First one out, as I needed to leave for home right away. Nice to see no one in woods. Fairly straight, angling a bit left and hitting the stream across the trail at the eastward bend, then up the spur and could see the boulder from a distance.
2. Tried not to lose too much height contouring. Passed the larger reentrant and saw the smaller one developing. Ended up a line too low, but basically ok.
3. Drifted a bit right, but just keeping the high ground in sight. Hard climb.
4. +00:20Right of line, near powerline road jct, then just left of stream junction. Up the spur looking for the flag, and slowing down as pace count ran out. Flag was down in the pit, and didn't see it until I was just past it.
5. SW to small trail to larger trail, then straight. Woods not bad, just pushing to keep going.
6. Stopped watching compass and drifted pretty far left, until I saw open yellow up ahead. Followed trail up through yellow and along east edge of northern yellow to about even with dot knoll in yellow, then straight in.
7. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
NW to upper trail to bend to the S, then contouring across. In from trail just past the reentrant with the mapped trickle, but then took wrong bearing and headed S instead of SW. Saw a flag ahead and slightly left and sucked into wrong feature. Then relocated and headed across reentratn (bigger than it looked on map) and up on hill. Got confused by unmapped open areas in area mapped as light green and back out to trail to relocate. Second time in got into unmapped open again, but pressed further and found it.
8. Confused parallel features
Thought I was heading SW and across spur and along trail to head down spur W of W gully, but apparently was at E gully anyway. Came to control at saddle on E spur and decided I was on W spur. Headed east into gully and got confused. Back up to trail and looked at angle of gully, then relocated, down to control at saddle again and turned right, picked up small trail to proper gully and to control set in unmapped pit!
9. Bad map reading
E to intermittent trail and followed to where it bends S and thought I was already at medium trail where it bends S. Climbed spur and then found larger trail and went wrong way on it for a few steps until I realized, but rather than just turn around (which would have been too easy), headed SE onto the long light green spur headed S, and ran all the way down there and across the nasty thick stuff at the stream rather than take the trail just parallel. Obviously not thinking clearly. Finally to the EW trail and up to the saddle and straight through the darker green. Navigation easy, but got a deep thorn scratch in my forehead on the way up, and really struggling to keep moving.
10. Tired
Pretty straight, but took forever to climb the hill, and then had to walk through the pine saplings across the trail. Struggled through laurel at the stream, then got out of the green and looked left and saw it.
11. Tired
Easy to see where to go, but hard to get my feet there.
12. At least it's downhill.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:50

Split Analysis

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