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Race Evaluation

Silvermine Sprint and Local Meet: Sprint


1. Straight over the parking lot.
2. And again.
3. Straight across the stream.
4. Did not like map
Ran the edge of the field to the end and cut into the woods. Saw the boulder in the stream, but it looked too far away from the edge of the field. I spent a little bit of time trying to figure out what was going on since I expected the boulder to be right off the edge of the field. Apparently the field had overgrown, so the distance between the boulder and the edge of the field in the terrain and on the map was quite different. I lost about 20 seconds trying to figure out what was going on before diciding to check out the boulder I had originally seen in the stream.
5. Straight across the stream to the trail. Crossed the road and followed the edge of the field to where it got real bushy, then continued in the woods until I saw the cliff.
6. Back out to the parking lot and looked for a way across the stream. Then straight up into the control.
7. Straight along the hillside and then down into the control.
8. Straight down the hill to the boulder.
9. Around the marsh to the right and along the hillside until I saw the single hill. Up the reentrant next to it and onto the depression in the saddle.
10. Straight up the hill to the ski slope.
11. Straight down to the little house.
F. Straight into the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:20

Split Analysis

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