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Race Evaluation

COK Blue Ridge Challenge: Sprint


1. Did not like map
Tried to go straight and ran into some thorns at the stream. Around would have been better.
2. Came out at the ditch, it looked clear and it stayed clear.
3. Into the light.
4. Trails around not wanting to mess with the green at the control.
6. In from the bend.
8. Tried to go south to trail but came out at the bend to the SW.
9. Into the light.
10. Bad route choice
Tried straight. Found a fairly light area left of the unmapped gully, but it sent me off to the west. Got across the first stream to a spot where I could see the parking lot clearing. Had to run in the stream for about 40 meters in the circle.
11. Did not like map
A lot of almost banks below the mapped bank.
F. Start/Finish is mapped where packet pickup was.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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