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Race Evaluation

Graythwaite Regional Event: Course 4 - M50L/JM5L/M21S


1. Bad route choice
Could perhaps have gone more directly but erred on the safe side and made sure I passed an uncrossable fence.
2. Hesitated
Hit this control from above, a bit hesitant dropping down onto the crag.
3. Hesitated
Dithered a bit on route choice for this one, the longest leg.
4. Bad route choice
Was running alongside the stream, might have been quicker to run on less marshy ground.
5. Bad compass work
Ended up unexpectedly seeing the uncrossable fence
6. Tired
Ended up too far down the reentrant and had to walk up it.
9. Confused parallel features
A little tired coming up the hill after the road crossing. There were two ruins on a ledge on the side of the hill, both had controls on and the second one I got to was the one I needed.
10. Bad compass work
Veered a bit off course, and crossed a different path to the one I had planned to. Once I'd realised what I had done I found the control easily.
11. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Took a chance
Bad map reading
My worst mistake. Ended up slowly picking my way through brashings when the control wasn't actually in the brashings.
14. There were patches of green with white corridors running through. I didn't manage to find any of these corridors and instead ended up going through the green instead.
17. Confused parallel features
Not thinking clearly
There were quite a lot of crags near this one, the one I wanted was further down than I thought it would be.
19. Tired
Had actually seen this control already whilst looking for number 10. A little hesitant going down the hill. Still, I'm surprised I took 6 minutes for this leg.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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