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Race Evaluation

British Middle Champs: M21E (and M18/20/21/35)


1. Bad route choice? Went straight through brashings/undergrowth, maybe track was faster
2. Field option? Got stuck in some fairly vicious unmapped undergrowth at one point
3. Did not follow plan
Did not like map
Bad distance judgement
Disturbed by others
First major time loss, distracted by Pete (2 min man) wandering around looking confused, then didn't go far enough.
4. Took a chance
Bad map reading
Lacked concentration
Went round edge of light green and completely missed control sitting by knoll, hit path and just stopped. Edge of green obscured by control circle, but shouldn't have followed it all the way round
5. Initially a bit hesitant on this one, finding a way through the (unmarked) brashings, but saw yellow/black danger tape marking steep slope and easily spiked control.
6. :)
7. No attack point
Hide on steep slope, tried to run along top and spy it but a bit hesitant as I know what hides can be like in UK forests. So I cut down too early in the end, lost too much height and was caught in rubbish
8. Bad distance judgement
Fairly simple, should perhaps have cut down early to avoid pushing through holly to get to control
9. OK, couldn't really mess up this spectator control unless you forgot there was a tunnel there...
10. Fairly good, a little hesitant near circle but was within 10m and saw it
11. Did not follow plan
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Oh dear. Came out of 10, following compass. crossed track, then earthbank - fine. Then saw some green but found an easy route through, then crossed another earthbank on a fairly gentle slope and dropped down the contours. Except... I'd drifted on the compass, got the wrong block of green, earthbank should have been steep slope on a fairly steep hillside. Ended up standing above a rhodo 400m away from where I should have been, and facing 90 degrees in wrong direction. Eventually checked compass, realised vaguely where I was but couldn't pinpoint it, set off south, saw a tower which I though was another one, ended up by the steep slope which I thought I'd passed earlier. Then saw how the tracks split in an otherwise featureless hillside and did the final zig-zag into the control. Biggest mistake in terms of time since BUSA, perhaps worst mistake of the year so far?
12. As usual, was annoyed with myself so sped up. Perhaps should have cut in earlier but control was visible and spiked
13. Fine, put SI unit back onto stake first
14. Knew I was right of control, still a bit hesitant as just passed thro' light green full of brashings so could have been dragged off further
16. Could have cut across stream earlier perhaps
17. Dragged too low by contours, quite grotty on this leg but got to control OK
18. Did not like map
Tired by now, saw Chris W and Pete on hill ahead of me, took a bit of a round route choice to reduce the slog up the hill through the crap. Still low of control when I got there - had to negotiate more brashings to get to it. Annoying.
19. Slog down, round path and up again. Contouring option really wasn't worth it, perhaps the best bit of forest on this slope? - nice open runnable beech woodland

Total Time Lost - 00:09:10

Split Analysis

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