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Race Evaluation

British Middle Champs: M21E (and M18/20/21/35)

Benjamin G

4. Bad compass work
5. Did not plan ahead
7. Hesitated
Hesitent when hit track above 6, and did a little running in both directions! Stopped completely until sure which track to take.
10. Bad route choice
Tired after racing against Rob into 9, and due to general speed on first 9 controls. Climbed up bank, then changed my mind! Make a clear route choice in advance.
11. Hesitated
Plan was to hit and run along earth wall, which I did, but no clear plan after this. Decided to aim for cross-roads and be caught by one of tracks, but extremely hesitent and was confused by saddle between big hill and little hill ahead, thinking it was a valley.
12. Lacked confidence
Stayed on path for too long, rather than sticking to bearing.
14. No attack point
Undergrowth worse than expected, then headed too far north of control.
15. No attack point
Bad route choice
Took a chance
Underrated difficulty
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Route choice was too vague. Expected depression to be obvious. Confused by thickets which seemed not be marked on the map. Relocated when hit path. Could have been avaoided by either taking an accurate bearing or climbing hill further east at path bend.
17. No attack point
Too vague a route choice. Worked out ok, but could have been a disaster.
18. Bad compass work
Not thinking clearly
Took rough bearing out of 17, deliberately ignoring person who'd just overtaken me even though they left control in opposite direction. Not bothering to read map accurately, as was escaping from control and would be easy to relocate when I hit path. I was, however, confused by some buildings I couldn't see on the map. This confusion was followed, later than it should have done, by the realisation that I'd made a 180deg error. As far I can remember, for years I've never done this in race, and hope I never do it again! On a positive note, I was saved by the fact that I was taking some info in from surroundings rather than just relying on compass.
19. Made error to do with paths near beginning of leg.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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