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Race Evaluation

0007 BOK National Event and UK Cup: M21E & UK Cup


1. No attack point
Did not like map
Got to the correct spur, but because of control description saying 'middle part' and the circle covering up a ditch wasn't sure and looked around a bit, before Helen found it at the foot of the spur. Was about 20m away from it the first time
2. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Did not check features en route
Read map too late
Bad map reading
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Stupid mistakes, and very poor route choice. 90 degree error when hit path, so thought I'd hit one field when in fact it was another. When realised said field went on too long turned round, saw pheasant pen (don't know how I missed it the first time) realised what had happened. But then got dragged by fence, stood confused among a myriad of ditches on the slope trying to work out which was which. Eventually twigged when saw track/stream/spur combo and sorted it. Really stupid...
3. Slowed down to get this one, couldn't really go wrong although should have aimed off a bit more
4. +00:20Just bobbled to the right, realised and corrected quite quickly
5. Undergrowth dragged me straight up slope rather than diagonally across as intended. Meant at least an extra 100m along the top of the spur
6. sorted this route choice early, there really was no point going down and up
8. Came up hill a little faster than planned, adding a bit of climb, but spiked control
11. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Bad route choice - caught up in brambles and marshy bits where there was a nice path about 50m away
12. just slow along track
13. hesitant coming in but kept contact with map and was fine. another ditch hidden under the circle...
14. Bad route choice
Prob got the route choice wrong on this one, had no track speed once up the hill and almost cut in too early. once again more 'white' forest full of brambles
17. starting to get knackered now
18. Bad route choice
Did not like map
this is why you shouldn't change your mind on a route choice! thought there'd be too much climb on what was the fastest route, and missed the path hidden under the line linking controls. So went down and around the green, then got caught in a load of unmarked grot when it would have been faster to take a smaller path up the hill. Still hit control well in the end, splits suggest at least 2 mins down the pan
19. really knackered now, wandered off line out of 18 but had route choice sorted. missed drinks point on map, otherwise would have gone that way (and found the better route). Couldn't seem to run either up the hills or along the grassy bit at the top, knackered
20. a bit of energy, managed to run this one. almost overshot but green caught me
21. simple to execute, just couldn't run
22. down the hill through even more brashings, control came faster than I was expecting, so must have taken a better line than I thought!
23. route choice meant got caught in a load of undergrowth and a bit of green. should have taken path round pond but getting v. tired by now
24. Slog up a quarry bit then along path. calves starting to tie up a bit now, stopped to stretch
25. eased down the hill, onto the spur to avoid the crap
26. mistook big hill for big valley so ended up going up too late, and straight rather than diagonal. duncan archer caught me here - started 46 mins after me
27. got down to track then OUCH!! couldn't move. sat down for a bit, tried to stretch. first attempt to get up led to even more pain, waited another minute. hobbled up, started to walk, then a light jog. managed to run into control
28. still not going very fast, bit of a stupid route choice as thought I might as well go direct but with the damn brashings everywhere...
F. managed a bit of a sprint to hold off Luke on the run-in

Total Time Lost - 00:07:50

Split Analysis

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