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Race Evaluation

US Short Course Championships: Brown


1. +00:15Trail to where it was going downhill, then north looking for reentrant. Should have left trail earlier as I slightly overran, but I did look a few legs ahead..
2. Back to same trail and west through three junctions, then south where the woods opened up, straight to control.
3. Straight past the building.
4. +00:20Northwest on trail across bridge, then along the top contour. Lots of people hunting around before the control slowed me up a bit, and I dropped down a contour from the top, which was a mistake. Finally realized I had to go farther and up over the spur.
5. +00:20Due west to trail; it got pretty slow before the trail, then ran north along trail not knowing where to go in, and again left the trail too late and had to curve left to control.
6. +01:00Northwest to trail junction looking into the fascinating cracks, then aimed off to left for the pipeline. Much too far left as I came out above the cliffy reentrant and had to run much too far along the "pipeline", which was mostly buried. Saw that control was just above the stream bend.
7. +01:30Stayed fairly high and came down between the marshy ground and the marsh, but thought I was west of the marshy ground. This didn't matter as I ran across the top not really checking the form line knolls to the form line reentrant. Hesitated checking this out and then attacked to "the brown blob", whatever it was. I was actually looking for rough ground (brown dots) or a rockface, or somethin that was NOT rootstocks, so I studied the map checking out the road bend in the distance and not seeing any controls. FINALLY I read the control description and recovered. Really dumb.
8. Straight, no problem, though others missed it.
9. Along the top of the dropoff through runnable white, looking for a way down. Finally realized the stream was coming up to me and I didn't have to go down at all, so headed for the trail and its probable bridge. Many people got sucked down on this leg.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:25

Split Analysis

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