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Race Evaluation

West Point A meet: Blue 2


1. +02:30Lost in the twilight zone...
2. More zone, but I had seen it before. Pleased to fall over the flag.
3. Zone, but with a clearing mid-leg to clear things up
7. Right and straight up the hill
8. To the trail bend, up the trail almost to the saddle, then below the impassable cliff under the straight line, contour through the big re-entrant that serves as the obvious attackpoint, and straight in
9. +00:15Didn't see that this was five lines up and so stopped at the boulder below it and had to climb.
10. Dropped to pass through the linear clearing right at the line of rocks, following it until it peters out, then dropping gradually, keeping track of height and position by the cliffs above; spiked exactly.
11. Slog up the hill, not daring to get caught in the cliffs that might have made contouring impossible. Down fairly directly and across the stream north of the small thicket, and pretty straight in.
12. Right. Thought about the road but it was too far away. Jon's split makes me confident this was the correct choice.
13. Easy.
14. +01:00Mindlessly started to run as if climbing to the top of the main hill, then veered left below the cliff south of the line. Still climbed too much.
15. +00:20Wrong way round the cliff the control was on; need to read description.
16. +00:30Very slightly right of the line (too lazy to climb and go left which apparently was faster).
17. Over the knoll just to the right of the line near the circle at 17.
18. Easy.
19. +00:30The mapping around 19 is a bit too generalized for my liking. Dropped a bit low and had to climb back up.
20. Along the road.
21. Straight.
22. +00:20Across the creek and unnecessarily throught a wet part of the marsh.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:25

Split Analysis

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