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Race Evaluation

West Point A meet: Red-2X


1. Took a chance
Did not like map
Cut left through green, clearing, over spur. More green than I expect, veer off left, see small spur, but no bare rock, glimpse tral to left, head right and find it
2. Bad route choice
should have cut between green areas and run trail up, but instead I opt to contour. Rocky footing, some nasty vines. Into clearing, head downhill, and see the open green cut through the very nasty stuff. Should have taken the small trail behind the upper building.
3. OK - an easy one
4. walking fast over the bridge, intense map study for next few legs, trail for short distance, reentrant, left of spur and nail it.
5. Left of hill top and line, knoll, knoll, peg it
6. +01:30Take right route, wander too far right and hit stream instead of trail. Correct to left, trail for s few steps, cut in past marsh and green. A bit higher to right than I expected to be, a couple of spurs to cross, stream, clearing and by the intermittent stream up to the trail. Sam Saeger on my left. Seems to be an extra semi-clearing by the edge of the trail, throws me for a few seconds. PG coming up behind. Head up the hill, not quite sure of my position. Rock features to my left seem to fit. Hit plateau and no boulder, angle up to left, PG studying map. Sam crosses left to right, is she heading out of the control or does she know we're still to low? Look left and see boulder over edge of flat area. PG remarks it's kinda low and I agree. about 90 seconds cumulative lost on leg.
7. I contour towards trail on deer path through the blueberry bushes, PG on left taking straighter route, Sam out of sight. Hit trail and see Sam above the bend. Take trail almost to saddle, no sign of PG, must have really moved fast. Over sppur and vow to maintain contact with map and rock features. Hear noises to left below me. Pick me way sidehill, angling down between features. Glimpses of people ahead of me (Sam?)and someone lower (PG?). Between major cliff and rocky broad reentrant, broad spur, above another cliff and rocky ground. See Sam intently studying map ahead of me but at my elevation, I know I'm still to high. Does F21 have same control?? Decide to ingnore what she's doing. See movement below by a couple of good sized rocks. Head down and get it.
8. Past reentrant, some vague terrain, should look at map more closely. Control description says 4m cliff, seems sorta flat to have a cliff that size. See lvery large boulder on left with control, decide to check it out and code is correct - must be a cliff. Very lucky...
9. +02:00Cross stream and get too low, hung up in thicker veg. See a very vague reentrant, but realize I haven't gone far enough. Someone behind me and up higher distracts me. Need to climd up a couple of contours, then the terrain starts to fit better. Still have to check out a couple of incorrect boulders above, before I spot the perfect boulder nestled in the reeentrant
10. Hit this one straight on.
11. As much as I dislike sidehilling, it is a better option than the straight up and over option. Thru the saddle, stay left of the small marshes and the little pondUp the hillside beside the rocky ground, past the bare rock outcrops, see the boulder and know it's the right one.
12. +01:30Through the blueberry junk, not moving real fast to trail. See a long haired jr in front of me (Mikita Kourtchikov). Up trail then angle off. A bit flatter than I expect and I wander too far right. See the wrong bare rock and make a spur fit in my mind. Ignore the manmade object that I should have seen on the map, wander a bit, visit a different control, then wake up and head SW to the control.
13. Right of the marshes, realize the best path is towards the bottom. cut across the broad reentrant and am careful to angle up onthe correct bearing. Double check on the ridge to make sure I'm in the right spot, then cut across the valley. See MK again, looking uncertain of where he's at. Do a bit of up and down along the other side and get there just ahead of MK
14. Pretty much straight, MK in tow. He pulls around me and puches just in front of me.
15. I go a bit right of the line, MK to my left. Cross the broad spur, shallow reentrant, then angle gently up through the damned blueberries. very flat hill top then assault the next rise. MK is fading to my left rear. Find a burst of energy and walk faster up the hill. Through the saddle, angel down yet another sidehill through more blueberries. Pass the reservation boundary, cross the stream and angle over the shoulder of the hill. Rewarded by the sight of a young lady drinking from a water jug well before I see the flag, but I know right where it is.
16. +02:00Rough bearing across some indistinct terrain. Past an open area, some bare rock then see what looks like the top of a cliff, head around the N end and no control. Thnk I'm too far S, see another rock face up and to the N, but nothing there either. Looking down, the seems to be an open area where there shouldn't be.Also some cliffs across from me wehere there shouldn't be a hill - am I looking at somethign in the green slash area? Head back S and see an elephant track. Back track uphill to the control.
17. Back down the elephant track, stay above the open area - looks like some junky vegetation in there also. Angle down the hill, stay lef tof the reentrant, over the spur, between the rock faces and see it.
18. Trying to stay up out of the marshy stuff, hit the trail and in.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:30

Split Analysis

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