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Race Evaluation

Alaska: Andrew's Meet: Red


1. Road and trail to just past the dry ditch, then through the woods.
2. Up the hill to the trail, then along the trails to the bend.
3. Direct by compass to the hill just west of the control.
4. Direct
5. Along the contour to the 2nd spur, then compass.
6. Along the east side of the hills, then compass. But ended up too far southeast.
7. Along the contour towards the trail, then over the low hill.
8. Direct, but ended up a little too low to the north west.
9. Direct, but ended up too far down the ridge to the northwest.
10. Direct.
11. Direct.
12. Around the end of the swamp, the just south of the largest hill. Ended up a little too far south of the control.
13. Direct.
F. Direct to the road, then along it to the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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