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Race Evaluation

Alaska: Andrew's Meet: Red


1. Started off great to road, but then couldn't find where trail started so had to cut straight across to intercept trail. Went to far on trail and had to backtrack.
2. Up hill, along trail, straight in.
3. Compass direction to hill W of control. Slid by the hill and went about 700 meters to far (outside map) before I got smart and backtracked.
4. Straight
5. Contour to second spur, then compass
6. Slightly right of compass to catch corner of trail, then compass
7. Back to corner of trail, along trail 200 m, then straight in
8. Compass, but slid left by ~100 m. Wasted time figuring out where I was getting back into the control
9. Straight, but went right once on ridge instead of left. made about 75 meter detour before I bcktracked and found the control
10. Straight & used open bog for handrail
11. Along trail to trail intersection, then compass straight to control
12. Trails to 30 meters before lake, then south of hills, and compass directly to control
13. Straight, but wnet down hill below control and had to climb back up.
F. Waffled along trail system instead of going straight for road

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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