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Race Evaluation

Sage Stomp Long: Course 8


1. Good approach, went conservative and veared early to trail, losing some time
3. Bad exit from control 2, should have dropped down to road sooner
4. +00:30Didn't see control
5. Good execution
6. a little too hesitant approaching 6
7. Bad route choice, went straight, over hills. From split perspective, this worked ok, but totally fried my legs.
8. In mental haze, 90 degree error leaving control
9. Changed plan going through slash, lost about 25 seconds
10. easy - wil smith is fast
11. veared slighlt right
12. ok
13. ok
15. bad route, went over hill
16. lost focus, went to 13 first. Had wat too much trouble finding 16 afterwards
17. easy long leg, good execution. Felt really hungery.
18. mental fog for the last few legs

Total Time Lost - 00:00:30

Split Analysis

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