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Race Evaluation

BAOC: Shell Ridge: Blue


1. Bad route choice
Contoured and climbed too high. Would have been better to run the trail and attack from below.
2. Wisely took the trail this time.
3. Back to trail again, then down from the spur. Saw some poison oak on the way up to the control.
4. +00:05Contoured and overshot slightly above. But I knew it had to be that reentrant, so I turned my head and saw it. Martin came from the wrong direction - he had overshot and made a 1:40 mistake.
5. +00:10Started out in the wrong direction, but then realized I was supposed to double back. Martin punched just after I left it, and started climbing up the hill. Going to the trail seemed like too much climb, so I contoured. The control seemed much closer to the riverbed than mapped.
6. Climbed to the trail and contoured in. Martin was in better shape and made up 40 seconds on me.
7. Up to the ridge, then down to the saddle on the trail, trying to keep up with Martin.
8. I realized I wasn't going to be able to keep up with Martin going up the hill on the other side of the fence crossing, so I stopped for water and Gu. I did take the same route as Martin though - left around the big hill and onto the ridge behind it. Then down the windy spur. Trinka was looking around for something in the reentrant to the SE of the control.
9. Pretty much straight.
10. Bad route choice
Should have crossed the trails and stayed high. Instead I was tempted to run down the trail to the big reentrant on the left and climb back up.
11. Having been there before, I could have run this faster, but I was being cautious about my ankles.
12. Stayed close to the fence, then climbed over the last hill.
13. No attack point
Underrated difficulty
Climbed onto the saddle, then contoured slightly downhill. On the other side I wasn't quite sure whether I was far enough right, but figured out from the contours that I should not go further left. (No reentrants there.) After climbing a bit I saw the bag around the corner just 20m to the right.
14. Bad distance judgement
Almost passed the little trail - it showed up sooner than I had expected.
15. Again, being cautious downhill.
16. Bad route choice
Should have dropped to the riverbed right away. Lost some time staying high for a while. Almost overran the control - didn't notice the stream junction.
F. Tired

Total Time Lost - 00:01:55

Split Analysis

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